The Constitution or The Establishment? (by BDI)

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Ron Paul is about as inept & il-suited a politician as one could conceive, yet today he stands well positioned to win the first U.S. Presidential Primary of the new year. Why is this?  What is happening here?  Can it be that the American people are finally awakening to the fact that the establishment is no longer working for them?  Have they had enough of the self serving lies spewed out by one slick willy politician after another?  Are they thirsting for truth?  Could the venerable document pictured above show us the way?  Well, if the preliminary polls out of Iowa are any indication, it may very well be working its magic once again. The self effacing Ron Paul, could be just the right man to shine a bright light on the magnificent document that this great Nation was founded on. His entire campaign platform is none other than the Constitution itself, and the TRUTH is resonating once again.





BDI, just an Idiot Savant Frenchman in New York, hoping for a return to the Great America he once knew….