Comment System Enhancement – Images!

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The Slope of Hope has the best comments system on the Internet. That's a claim I make with not only a straight face, but a bit of shock, because I can't believe how lame the other comment systems are. I tried to distribute Slope's comments to other sites, but they weren't interested. Oh, well. It's all for us, I guess.

So our little corner of the Internet has an improvement to make it even better than it was – – the ability to post images along with your comments.

I've always cringed when people had to go through all kinds of gymnastics to share ideas, typically making use of a system like Screencast. They would have to upload their picture to an external site, and then they'd post the URL to that site……….and then another poor Sloper would click on the URL to fly off to that external site and see the image. 


Anyway, those days are over. Upload an image – or multiple images – directly. The thumbnails are displayed instantly, and clicking on an image brings it up in its own tab, full size.

Using it is a cinch. Use comments as you normally do, but if you want to add an image, click the button.


Next, choose the image from your hard disk you'd like to upload.


It'll upload. At that point, you can Add Another Image, or just go ahead and Post Comment.




There's another major feature coming – – – a gargantuan one – – but I'll tell you about it when it's ready. Until then……….enjoy your new and improved comments system!