Not This Time

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There is hardly anything different about the experience we're going through right now than what we went thorugh late last June - – – the tear gas, the pledges that this austerity would solve everything, the declarations that everything was fixed – – it's all exactly the same.

But there's one thing that's going to be different. I'm not getting sucked into believing it. Last summer, I spent almost all my free time at Stanford Sierra Camp – – the time I should have been hiking, exploring, and enjoying myself – – – plopped in front of a laptop and sweating out the Greek vote drama. It was a complete and total waste of time. I was stupid to worry; I was stupid to think anything would get solved with another band-aid; and I was stupid to spend my time watcing politicians instead of enjoying life.

They got me then, but not now. I've got a bit more perspective. Because the big relief rally that followed the last time Greece Was Totally Fixed marked an important top (and, little did I know, a glorious puke-fest in equities was only weeks from starting). I've marked with an arrow the point when I was distressing over what was happening.

So, Greece, you're screwed. You may fool the world again for a few more days, but I've learned better.