{Number} {Noun} to {Verb} Your {Noun}

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I read a lot of stuff online, and it's become quite obvious to me that I'm missing the boat. After all, I don't make use of the "hooks" that other bloggers do when titling their posts. I offer a sampling from Altucher, whose work I enjoy from time to time:


The "number" thing is used to death, but I confess, it works. I'm not sure what it is about the human mind that latches on to such titles, but I suppose the prospect of having a discrete number of bite-sized morsels to read is more appealing than a broadly-titled mystery like my own Good and Evil.

But my pledge to you remains: I'm not going to use this device. If you read my stuff, it won't because I've seduced you with "3 Ways Bernanke Has Ruined My Life" or "10 Objects I Insert Into My Blankfein Voodoo Doll." I'm just going to have to let my writing stand on its own.

Now all I've got to do is write something……….