Oil & Gas Approaching Pain Zone

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 I just want to share a couple of charts I was putting together earlier for my own studies that I think may help add some perspective to the current market conditions.  It is not extensive and only looks at the past five years, but I would love to hear some feedback and perspectives on these charts.  I, like many, have had a rough time in the face of this relentless trend that doesn't seem to end.  Admittedly, I got short too early, but what seemed to fit the bill for recent trading activity which resulted in some rule adjustment to account for these drawn out moves.  Obviously, I have not mastered trading what I see over my personal sentiment about it.  That said, isn't this the 14th (or less) longest trading period without a 1% pullback?  Does anyone have updated stats on that?  I got that from a quote from sentimentrader that Crowder provided Feb 14th.  Anyways, on to the charts:

Gas price study no2 - Feb 26, 2012
Gas price study - Feb 26, 2012

It seems to me that the powers that be can prime the pump all they want, but it only takes so long before commodities start to become too expensive and crush both business margins and the wallets of everyday people.  Thoughts?