Blow Me!……Evil Plan 69.0 (by BDI)

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Hey TK;

Thanks so much for having invited me, and providing me with the fantastic opportunity to participate in this wonderful & engaging world you have created online. In my humble opinion, the Almighty creator thinks most highly of us, when we ourselves also use our creative capacities, adding to the mystery that is life, and you clearly have done that here.

I regret to inform you, that I have decided to move on, as I can no longer intelligently engage in this faux market.  It has gotten so bad at this point, that I simply have lost interest in something which I use to find so intriguing, and which gave me the greatest of pleasure.

I simply am unable to join in with the momo trend followers, whom I believe mistakenly confuse their trading acumen & brilliant timing, with a stock market that has simply been hijacked by the FED & TBTF banks;-) 

I fear we will all pay dearly one day soon, for this lack of dignified leadership, mature responsibility & courage, being so consistently recklessly demonstrated by those in positions of trusted authority, when they clearly should know better.

Fortunately, even with the considerable beating I have taken in Q1 of 2012, I still somehow have manged to depart quite a bit ahead since I started in the late Summer of 2008, so I can not complain too much on that score.

Again, thank you very much for letting me participate, and so generously permitting me to share my thoughts as an avid, and enthusiastic SOH guest contributor.  I would like to think that a few of my macro market observations / header posts, may have added some color & intrigue to your superior financial blog. I only hope that I have not mislead too many lurkers, with my unorthodox DOOM & BOOM Idiot Savant methodology.

I have nothing but good thought about you, and all the wonderful Slopers that you have attracted to your stimulating blog, and yes that even includes the misguided momo trend following, chart humping, price chasing, Bernanke whores;-)

All the best, and best of luck to all…………perhaps I will see you in the Fall


BDI SOH's Idiot Savant