Happy Seventh Birthday, Slope!

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I wrote my first post for this blog on March 29, 2005, which was seven years ago today.

Looking back one year ago, I see that I did a pretty good post on our 6th birthday, so there's no need to cover old territory about how the blog was started and what I've learned in the time since then. Please read it (or re-read it) yourself. I'd like to strongly encourage you to do so, because what I said in that post rings even more true today than it did a year ago.

I will add this, however: the reason Slope is one of the longest-lived and most active financial blogs in the world is because of this community. Yes, I have enabled it through content and a superb homegrown comments system, but the community – – you – – constitutes the blood coursing through the veins of this body.

I am deeply grateful to you for your daily participation and interest in what goes on here, and for those many thousands of lurkers who don't think they can contribute to the comments stream, I would respectfully submit to you that you are wrong. Slopers are a friendly, smart group of traders, and you need not fear being perceived as anything but a brother (or sister!) in arms when you join the group.

So if you see a red bar in the upper-right corner of your screen, indicating you haven't signed in for a free account, please click "Create Account" in the upper right, and in about ten seconds you will be  part of the most bangin' group of traders on the planet. (Here's a quick primer). That way, we can enter our 8th year on Slope with you, rather than without you, and I'd greatly prefer that you join us for the ride.