Inspiration from Rudy

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Well, I've probably raised a few eyebrows with my obsession with Broadway musicals, but now I'm going to up the ante and hold up Rudy Galindo, the men's figure-skating champion from 1996, as another model of human triumph.

This young man had endured horrible tragedy in his life. Having grown up in poverty, and barely able to make ends meet, he also lost his father and a brother within a year of the National championship, and his former pairs partner, Kristi Yamaguchi, had dumped him.

The 1996 tournament was pretty much his last chance to shine. At 26 years old, he was ancient by ice skating standards. He had taken third place after the shorts program, and as the final competitor in the longs program – – in his home-town arena – – the pressure couldn't have been more tremendous.

Watch the clip below and witness someone who takes an excruciating, risk-filled situation and turns it into something magical. Tears still well up every time I watch this clip. Maybe you can learn something about it that can inform your life as a trader, especially during difficult times.