Occupy and The Bottom

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Remember the "Occupy" movement? Late last summer and early in the fall, all kinds of Occupy protests popped up all over the country. Goodness, it even came to my little town!

I think back on this, because I truly believe there is an inverse correlation between public rage and the financial markets. When things are soaring (like now), the sheeple are fine to let the ultra-rich run right over them. Or, at the very least, the hippies don't get the press converage that they would otherwise.

But when the seams are starting to tear, then the public allows themselves to get pissed off at the powers that be.

By chance, I tripped across this typically blustery headline from Business Insider chirping about the MASSIVE protests happening in New York. The highest-ranked comment in the post read "Politicians need to wake up to this shit fast. All of them (ALL of them) are deeply aligned with Wall Street… tick tick tick..." Occupy was all over the news. Livestreams were crowded with people watching what was going on, wondering what big changes were about to take place.

Well, the only "tick tick tick" happening was that everything was about to reverse, as follows:


So, the next time you see protests making headline news on major networks, cover all your shorts. It's only times like right now, when there isn't a whiff of patouili oil in the air, that one can safely assume the public has returned to its passive state and allowed the markets to get too lofty again.