The Dollar/Euro Conundrum

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Since my last post regarding the USD and oil relationship here  I have been watching the USD with great interest.  Problem is, I see the same pattern in two different time frames and they seem to conflict with eachother.  I've added the Euro as a comparison.

USD Euro conundrum
Which direction will win out?  For now, the channels are intact and the longer-term lines should be expected to hold until they don't.  Together with the re-emerging bond market issues in Europe, I expect the USD to break out and the Euro to break down, but as always, we'll see.  The Euro suggests that a break is imminent while the dollar looks like it could go another month before it has to break.  Until they do, I imagine the equities markets will be choppy and a tad difficult to read.  If you're an intermediate or longer term trader, it might be safer for capital to just sit tight until these markets show their hand.