SocialTrade: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

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Am I obsessed with my latest creation, SocialTrade? Yeah, I'm obsessed. I love this product. I've never been so excited about something in my entire life.

This morning, I got a nice email from a SocialTrader, and he wrote…..

My one thought about it is that I think you should change the way the activity log displays activity.  Personally, I think that only comments should be displayed one after another in the activity log.  Currently, the log is also showing likes and restacks, which has the effect of making comments hard to find.  I would suggest doing something similar to Facebook where they simply list how many likes an item has received, and then you can click on the link to see all the names.  If you did that for likes and restacks and just left comments each showing in the log, it would look great.

I responded right away….

Your request is interesting, but as you know, the time cycle for such changes can be lengthy. A series of studies and focus groups need to be held. Then we have to do a use case study. In a half year, we'll send it over to engineering for analysis.

Nah, screw all that. Your changes will be up and in production in a few minutes.

And, voila, the changes are in place. You can see a lot of good information about any page you click, and mousing over any avatars tell you that SocialTrader's screen name.




In addition – – and this is a feature I thought of last night, and I just love – – the system will indicate to you which pages you have read and not read. Unread pages have a thick border. Once you look at it, the border becomes thin.

In the example below, the two items pointed out with red arrows have thick borders, showing they haven't been read yet. This is a wonderful way to "catch up" with reading whenever you visit SocialTrade, because it'll be immediately apparent what you have and haven't read.


Between now and the end of the month, you'll see more improvements – – as well as an entirely new Slope of Hope! Signups are SocialTrade (and, more importantly, the number of people actually using it) have been fantastic, and I encourage you to keep piling on. The more it gets used, the more useful it becomes!


– Me