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Well, since my kids woke me up at 5 this morning, and Christmas-gift-opening is done, I’ll dash off a quick comment cleaner.

I noticed with some amusement that here in the Silicon Valley, the culture of overly-funded really dumb ideas is alive and well. The latest example (and the latest total flop) is shown below. Cherry‘s business model was to come wash your car wherever you happened to park it. Apparently they charged about four times what a normal car wash would do for this. Errr, I think they’re shutting their doors now. Understandably.

Their site now says that they have found an “exciting new opportunity” (which I guess translates to “something else to do with this pile of money besides pursuing this completely mentally-retarded concept.”)


And, with that, I wish you again a Merry Christmas and a pledge to see you on Boxing Day morn.

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