Embracing the Ordinary

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Something dawned on me as I was running a couple of errands in downtown Palo Alto yesterday: everything
0109-haveAday is plain again. The decorations are down. There are a lot fewer people walking about. The paper cups from Peets and Starbucks aren't red anymore. Things just seem kind of bland and boring.

And I really, really like it.

It's not that I have a big beef against the holiday season per se. There are some aspects of it that I like. Eggnog is one that springs to mind………oh, and cookies that are given to me by friends. But there are a lot of annoyances. The obligatory gift-buying, card-mailing, and the persistent kinetics of crowds just isn't my cup of tea.

So it was really refreshing to see nothing going on. I hope we can all keep it going for a while. 

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