Tim Top-Ticks the Market AGAIN

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If any of you want to know why I have 80 short positions and do NOT trade the FOREX and do NOT trade the e-minis and do NOT trade just one or two huge directional positions, it can all be answered with a single chart and a despairing comment I made last night:


Because if I did trade any kind of 24-hour market, or if I did just trade one or two huge positions, I would have exited my bearish configuration at a loss and, right now, be considering jumping in front of CalTrain out of regret.

I don’t have the strength to do otherwise, and I know this about myself. But I do know that if I have eighty positions, there is no practical way I can be rash, AND THIS IS HOW I SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.

It’s not for everyone, certainly, but I have adopted my trading method to fit my weakness of character, and it’s a morning like this that beautifully illustrates its value.

P.S. Bulls are the ghey.