Tyler vs. the MSM

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ZeroHedge is jammed to the gills with stories and commentary about what's going on in Cyprus. Here are the headlines from four consecutive stories:


It would seem that all the bears are itching for the Euro and e-mini markets to open so they can watch the blood start to flow. The whole Cyprus fiasco does seem like awfully big news.

But a glance at MarketWatch, where Ma 'n' Pa Kettle get all their market information, seems to yield a different picture of the world:



There's a huge article on the "10 Happiest States" (Jesus……..), and a car review, and an article about how Apple is at risk of ending its streak (Streak? What streak? Is AAPL some kind of big winner now that it stopped its plunge after losing a mere 40%?)

But if you look really, really closely, you'll see a tiny headline (I've courteously provided an arrow) that makes mention that depositers will be taxed for the bailout, which sounds like the most boring and innocuous story on the planet. The kind of story that no one would bother clicking, because who the hell is Cyprus, and is she related to Mila Kunis?