SlopeFest Memories

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From Vittorio:

A perspective on the value of meeting the acquaintances we think we know from the blogosphere.

Now after five SlopeFests, I thought it couldn’t hurt doing a little write up to share my experiences and perhaps encourage any of you thinking about making the trip next time.


There could and has been many different people with many different motives to gather at Las Vegas for The SlopeFest. I would imagine that there has not been one person who walked away from these experiences better then when they walked into these experiences. I, for one, have received a tremendous amount of new and ongoing knowledge from perhaps, some of the best traders in the history of the market. I also find it incredible that I would be in such a fortunate position to have these great people share their years of research and understanding with me.

Perhaps many of you don’t need the face to face in person experience to learn about new ideas but that is not me. So for those of you who would be looking to get something out of a SlopeFest experience, your chances are good. Put another way, your chances for receiving a positive experience are better than the results some of our best traders expect from their best trade set ups.

In addition, there are other considerations that add to the potential for a genuine positive experience because there are other things, (generally and usually), going on in Las Vegas centered around money and trading when we meet. So for those of you looking for help in life and trade and are wondering if a SlopeFest experience might be for you please make the trip next time.

On another front, there are those who come to The SlopeFest that genuinely have much to offer and leave quite satisfied knowing they may have influenced someone or another with tools of trade and life going forward. From this most recent Slope Fest trip I received tremendous value from some new acquaintances as well as some of the ole guard. I would encourage any of you experienced traders to bring your wares to the next trip because there is a great likelihood you can influence those who show up hungry for answers.

The SlopeFest experience has made some huge progress from its beginnings. Thanks to Hagar, we were able to relax, learn, teach, eat, drink and celebrate in the quiet and peaceful comfort of his home. And thanks to Ferrari, we were able to do the same in the awesome surroundings high atop at The Foundation Room at The Mandalay. And thanks to Market Sniper for the inspirations that motivate The Mentors and Protégés who make the trip.

Lastly, I would like to attempt to shine light on a more unexplainable part of The Slope Fest experience. From an unknown, we mix it up and in a dynamic range of brilliance a net overall single result occurs. We all simply leave better off then when we arrived. True story!