Don’t Let It End!

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Sigh. I feel like I’m seventeen years old again, and I’m with my girlfriend, and it’s going really, really well, but we both know a set of parents is going to come back home in about fifteen minutes or so. So the fun is going to end soon.

I love down markets. I love updating my stops on profitable short positions. I would be thrilled to see the U.S. default and witness global financial catastrophe. It would put a spring in my step and a song in my heart. But the numb-nuts in D.C. are bound to cave at some point, and the fun’s going to end, just like it always does. It’s really too bad. But a look at the VIX seriously does concern me, because every time the bears start to rock out with their cocks out, the music stops playing. I can almost hear the garage door opening in the distance now, as we scramble to get our clothes back on…….