Post Twelve Thousand

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I’ve got just a couple of things to say tonight (“Tell us! Tell us both of them!” <—Life of Brian reference)

First, the Spiffy New Product that I’ve been hinting out should, with any luck, be announced (by yours truly) tomorrow. Some of you will be excited.

Second, as we await the conclusion of the Debt-Retard-o-Thon, the only chart that matters is this:


As you can see, I’ve tinted areas of support along that trendline. That support worries and excites me. It worries me because the market might find support, as it has before, based on the notion that the “crisis” will be resolved amicably and all will be rainbows and unicorn farts again. It excites me because I have a quantity of shorts that is so large, it practically requires exponents, and a break of that trendline would cause my entire wardrobe of pants to become too small.

I look forward to the one item of these two that I can control, which is my product announcement. You’ll be the first to know.

1007-postIncidentally, this is the 12,000th post on this platform. Slope of Hope actually has way more posts than that, but I don’t have records of how many posts I did on Blogger and whatever else I used in the before-time. Anyway………hurrah for Slope!