SocialTrade Now Mobile

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I am delighted to announce that Slope of Hope has – finally! – introduced its own mobile product: SocialTrade. Those of you with Apple products using iOS7 can immediately download this app for free and begin enjoying SocialTrade while on-the-go. iPhone and iPad (both mini and full-sized) users, rejoice!


Just go to the App Store and search for SocialTrade. Bang! It’s right there. (or you can click here to view it in the browser-based app store).


I did not seek to replicate the “stacking” features of SocialTrade. However, you can look at the most recent postings, examine your followed stacks, or check out what’s most popular……


You can touch any individual item and rate it, read its comments, or add a comment yourself. You can also zoom in to take a closer look at whatever has been stacked.


Feel free to browse the stacks as well. You can “drill down”: to whatever level you would like to see with any of the more than 10,000 items in the SocialTrade library.


The app shows what users you already follow. You can follow other SocialTraders with just one touch of the screen. In short, the SocialTrade app provides all the power, flexibility, and features of SocialTrade in your browser.


I’ve already got a couple of improvements I want to see in the next version, and I want to encourage you to drop me a line (once you’ve tried the app, of course) with any items on your own wish list. Slope of Hope is now on the road, and I want to make the experience as positive for everyone as I can. And if I see you guys downloading it and using it, believe me, I’m just going to add more and more to it. It’s up to you.

(By the way, for you Android users out there………if the app garners enough interest, I’m going to put the money into creating an app for you, too. But it’s up to the Apple users out there to prove that they want Slope on-the-go before I put more cash into this.)