A Superb Bit of Pandering

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Something has bugged me enough times that I have to get it off my chest (and it has nothing to do with charts). Back in 2010, there was a huge gas pipe explosion in the Bay Area town of San Bruno, not too far from where I live. Here’s a snapshot of some of the mayhem:


It turns out there were some mighty old pipes under the street, and, eventually, they’re going to fail (and did). But that’s not why I’m writing this post. Now, on a regular basis, I am seeing this advertisement from PG&E (the owners of the aforementioned pipe) encouraging me to learn about all the wonderful things they are doing not to screw up again. What strikes me about this ad is the model they chose, who happens to be:

(1) Young;1206-pandering
(2) Asian;
(3) Female;

I suppose the only way they could up the ante any more with respect to a sympathetic, non-threatening figure would be to put her in a wheelchair (and, who knows, maybe she is; this is, after all, a close-up of the kind of friendly face that would never work on a pipe that would engulf your flesh in flames). C’mon, PG&E – – this is almost as obvious as those swarmy Goldman Sachs ads, crowing about all the God’s work they are doing for America.

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