This Charming Man

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1207-morIt probably comes as no surprise to long-time readers that Morrissey is a favorite singer/songwriter of mine. His hauntingly depressing music touches the souls, I imagine, of most bears. I was pleased to read in this morning’s Wall Street Journal (near an article titled, and I’m not making this up, “So You Want To Buy Your Own Vineyard”) that he has come up with his Autobiography Here’s a snippet, which strikes me as Pure Morrissey, as he speaks of his days as a schoolboy:

Its wearisome echo of negativity exhausts me to a permanent state of circumstantial sadness. I approach school each day with renewed fear, over the asphalt, treading underfoot, the flattened remains of people’s lives, and bigger and blacker the school’s edifice rises above its bludgeoned parish like a rat refusing to die. We small kids see no warm lights to welcome, and no hope in the literal darkness.”

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