This is a City for the Right People

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In the post I did last night, I mentioned how “the new form of segregation is wealth distribution.” Well, the very next day provides us with a superb example of what I’m talking about. In the short clip below, you see a Google employee (who is very well-paid and, as all other San Francisco-based Googlers, whisked comfortably, for free, in a private bus each day from San Francisco to his company half an hour away) in a shouting match with a woman who is part of a protest of all the rich high-tech types that have taken over SF. He slips early on by revealing his true feelings, proclaming that “this is a city for the right people” (which means guys who are rewarded salaries well into the six figures straight out of the “right” college.) With Twitter nailing a new high today, the “right” people are more “right” than ever.

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