Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

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I am presently zipping a little over five miles above our little planet, heading to the Southwest for – you guessed it – a fencing tournament. They have WiFi on board, and as I have a full weekend of driving kids from event to event, I wanted to at least get a post out while I had the chance (oh, and outside contributors, I encourage you to put up a post; I could use the help!)

This has been a vicious year for the ursine set. Many traders have, over the course of the year, thrown in the towel, and a few have written me to tell me they were doing just that. We are entering our sixth consecutive year of a Federally-manipulated market, and it’s been really destructive for the traders out there who were accustomed to the markets of olde.

1206-nathanielSome of them were contributors to this blog, and I miss some of them terribly. Old timers here may remember Nathaniel Goodwin, whose antics could have eventually been made into a feature-length movie. I managed to find an image of him in the archives, which I have posted to the left for your aesthetic enjoyment.

More recently, of course, the likes of Strawberry Blonde have exited stage left, and although he’s still appearing in the comments section from time to time, it’s pretty clear that BDI’s regular-as-Sunday-prayers-posts are gone as well. (Indeed, I had become extremely dependent on BDI’s evil plans since they provided me a much-needed day of rest on the Sabbath).

As the waning days of the year are upon us, I find myself leaning on the pathetic old “we’ll get ’em next year”, which has been the same utterance of the little voice in my head in 2012, and 2011, and……….well, you get the idea. It’s been a rough road.

Along these lines, I was amused Friday when Tom Sosnoff, during my TastyTrade segment, jokingly mentioned how TastyTrade is packed with great traders, and they’ve all had a lousy 2013. So I guess during times like these, some commiseration is a welcome solace.

I hope the day comes that we get some prodigal writers returning to Slope. But you can count on me, at least. For better or worse, I’ll always be here. But I really should rest a little while…….it’s been a long (although profitable) week.

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