Another Spiffy Slope Improvement

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I am always trying to think of ways to make Slope of Hope better. Just a few weeks ago, I added the “@” feature to the comments section (which you can read about here). As of last night, I added another cool item – – an automatically-changing right column showing not only “hall of fame” items but also stock symbols cited in the comments section.


I kept noticing that people in comments would refer to symbols they were looking at or trading (and, of course, the right way to do this is to precede with with a dollar sign, $, so that it is recognized as a ticker symbol). Because I only read about 1% of the comments, I missed many interesting trade ideas, and I thought it would be cool to keep track of these symbols and their frequency.

The “cited symbols” actually comes in two flavors: the most-cited of all time (shown above) and, more useful in my opinion, the most-cited over the past forty-eight hours. That’s where the interesting new symbols are going to pop up since, let’s face it, SPY isn’t exactly a novel idea.

You’ll also notice right and left arrows at the top of the column:


This lets you thumb through the various content offerings on your own, instead of just waiting for them to swoosh by. (Oh, and if you’re not seeing this feature, be sure to clear your browser’s cache.)

I hope you like this latest improvement to the coolest financial blog around!