Road to Nowhere

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I have had an excruciatingly busy day. Ironically, I was going to do a post about how I am done apologizing (e.g. “blogger’s guilt”), but I didn’t even have time for that……so I’m in the awkward position of being tempted to apologize for not having time to write about a post about how I’m never going to apologize to my readers again.


I’m only going to put a chart up of the obvious – – that we’re still going absolutely nowhere. The PMI data from China blew up the entire post-close rally, and we are now precisely where we were during Tuesday’s lows. We’re down 3 now, and by the opening bell, we could be up 10, down 15, or anywhere else: there’s just no direction with this market. One thing is for sure: if we’re up, we’ll be down soon, and if we’re down, it’ll rally higher. It’s all a wash.


I’m going to catch up with my life now that my six hours of driving around to various meetings is over. See you in the morning.