Fob a Knob

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Groan. I’m missing one of my TSLA fobs. In case you’re unacquainted with what that is, it’s the electronic key that lets you operate the car. In an oh-so-cute fashion, it resembles the car, and it’s got a couple of places you can press to do things like open the trunk or “frunk” (front truck):


I still have one fob, so it’s not like the car isn’t operational, but this is not a good situation. It’s not like losing a key, which requires one to toddle down to the Ace Hardware, give them not quite two dollars, and get a brand new key. Nope, this is as $400 loss. And I’ll be damned if I shell out that much money before turning my house upside down to find it.

Rest assured of one thing – – once my Tiles finally get here (which isn’t slated to happen for a few more months), I’m going to snap them onto everything that has any value including, probably, my own head. I can’t stand losing stuff. Of course, Slope’s patron saint can tell you all about that.