Joe Buck Yourselves

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Since I discovered Nilsson a few months ago, I’ve been immersing myself in his music and a large biography about the man. I figured it was high time I saw Midnight Cowboy, since that movie probably had more to do with Nilsson’s fame and success than anything else.

Having seen the movie, I’ve got to say I’m surprised it won Best Picture. I mean, it was fine watching it once………..but if I really like a movie, I’ll happily watch it twenty or thirty times. I don’t imagine I’ll be watching it again anytime soon. The drug scene of the late 60s is clearly pushed into the film in multiple places, and the bizarre attitude toward gay men – – basically regarding them as little different than self-loathing child molesters – – is off-putting. But I guess that was the mindset of the era. Anyway, the best part of the film is obviously when Harry is singing………