Lucky Twenty-One (First Seven)

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Last week, the Dow Industrials fell all five days. All. Five. Days. That seems like science fiction, doesn’t it? Well, it should, because it hasn’t happened in nearly two freaking years.

But we’re still only 2.5% below the highest point the Dow reached in the history of the universe, so I hardly think we’re done. I still think we’re overvalued by about 10,000 Dow points, but hey, that’s just me. We have to take things slowly.

This weekend, I’ve put together a lucky 21 charts of my favorite short positions. On top of this act of magnanimity, I’m offering signed copies of my new book (Panic, Prosperity, & Progress) with FREE shipping Yes, you read that right, although you probably can scarcely believe your eyes. I’m paying the shipping. And you get a signed book out of the deal. But this isn’t a new price. It’s a this-weekend-only kind of thing.

Anyhoo, let’s get on with the charts, now that you’ve recovered from my free shipping offer and have ordered your book…………..

0315-1 0315-2 0315-3 0315-4 0315-5 0315-6 0315-7

Thanks for ordering my book, by the way. Wait a second. You didn’t? C’mon, every review on Amazon is 5-stars for a reason! You’ll love it! Here’s that link again.