Two Point Six Million

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There are bubbles everywhere, and just about the only one indirectly benefiting me is the one in Palo Alto residential real estate. I bought my house in 1991 for about 15% of its current value, and the market could utterly crash around here and I wouldn’t feel a thing. The people paying five, six, or seven million dollars for a house (not a mansion………a house) could be deeply regretting their decision down the road.

If you want to climb aboard this rocket ship, though, I’ve got an opportunity for you. This listing, which is going for a mere $2.6 million, is available to some lucky so-and-so. Check out this curb appeal!


As if that weren’t enough……… has a backyard. Here’s a snapshot from what the realtor describes as the “rear yard panorama” – – hold on to your hats!


So dump that YELP, TWTR, or FB stock and get into a genuinely hot market – Palo Alto housing!