Disrespect for Authority

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Regular readers have probably divined that I don’t have mountainous amounts of respect for authority figures. I tend to live on the right side of the law, so civil “servants’ have never done me any good. My relationship with the government consists mainly of giving them taxes in exchange for – – ostensibly – – living in society.

I’ve been a victim of property crime before, including a burglary so devastating that it almost destroyed Prophet, my startup business. The police never figured out who did it. I’ve had stuff stolen from my car before. The police never solved the case. Indeed, I’ve only had two kinds of interactions with the police. One of them is them giving me traffic violations for the most minor offenses, pushing my insurance higher and fomenting even more contempt within me for these vastly overpaid authority figures.


The other interaction I’ve had is more directly related to the topic of this post. When I moved into my newly-purchased house in Palo Alto back in 1991 with my wife, we had one dog: a half Chow Chow, half golden retriever named Chelsea. He was a fantastic dog – absolutely gorgeous, and steadfastly loyal to the family. Long-time viewers on Tastytrade remember seeing a color portrait of him I have hanging in my office.

One day, a Palo Alto cop shows up on my doorstep to enforce some kind of order related to an unlicensed dog (which turned out to be owned by the previous owner of my house). Chelsea started barking at him, and this asshole with a badge pulls out his gun and points it straight at Chelsea’s face, warning me he’ll shoot him if my dog doesn’t stop barking. I put my arms around my dog and calmed him down. The policeman prick left after the dumbfuck realized he was enforcing an order with a dog that wasn’t there anymore.

I called the police department, where they house all these overpaid government employees, and told the sergeant precisely what I thought of the incident. Later that day, the fuckface cop comes back to my home, dragged there by his sergeant, and, hanging his head, sheepishly tells me he’s sorry. Yeah, yeah.


I was reminded of this by this story from Mormonland Salt Lake City, which tells of an officer that was looking for a lost child. For reasons wholly unclear to me, in conducting a house-to-house search, this “peace” officer shot and killed a dog. Here’s a picture of this obviously vicious and terrifying beast:


Just to be clear, it’s not like this shit-for-brains officer was politely sashaying down the street, whistling a merry tune, and the dog jumped out of a bush, lunging for his throat. The cop0625-man shot the dog in a fenced, private backyard. Now the dog is dead, and the officer’s punishment is that he’s on Paid Leave, which I guess means he can jack off to kitten-crush videos in the privacy of his own home and get direct deposit from his fellow citizens.

In a perfect world, the cop would be shot dead too, but I know I ask too much. All the owner wants is for the cop to get fired, which I think is letting him off terribly lightly. I think a million bucks from the police force paid to a humane shelter would be a nice touch too, but no one even thought of that. All the owner of the now-late Geist wants is for this dickhead to be fired.

If you live in Salt Lake City, know that a rally is planned for Saturday, June 28 at 10:00am in MDT at 475 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. If you don’t live there, but you want to invest one second of your time to at least express your support of Geist, and support for the officer to be shit-canned, kindly click on the Justice for Geist Facebook page.

There’s a special place in hell for anyone who is cruel to animals. Humans, I can do without. Animals, though…………they just don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Especially from a cop. They should spend their time ticketing people for going 26 in a 25 MPH zone instead to pay for their bloated benefits.

There. I feel better now.