Tesla Begins to Irk

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I was toying with the rather hazardous idea of suggesting shorting Tesla (which is up nearly 1,000% from its lowest levels). I see it’s getting zapped this morning, so it’s probably too late for me to say anything, but I will make this one remark, which was the basis of my pessimism: they are starting to piss off their biggest fans (like me) with their delays.

The Model X has been “sort of” a product for years. There are over 20,000 paid reservations (mine is one of them) for the product, but it still isn’t announced. Hell, I can’t even find out the width of the vehicle to make sure it’ll fit in my garage! So month after month, they just keep stalling (and the folks waiting for the “economy” Tesla should probably look for 2018 as a delivery date). The grumblings and rumblings are increasing, and I’m starting to think other manufacturers are going to close Tesla’s lead. If the BMW i8 were entirely electric, I’d have cancelled my “X” order ages ago.