We Should Take a Flame-thrower to the Place!!!

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” Miss, I would like to open a pass book savings account please.  Teller responds; I haven’t opened up one of those for a client in ages, I’m not even sure we if still offer them anymore sir.  Let me check with the head teller for you, I’ll be right back with you”


The fact that the average decent working American is no longer able to take his hard earned income to a local retail bank, so as to earn 5% nominal interest in a traditional, conservative and secure savings account is an abomination of epic proportion.  What ever happened to the fundamentally intrinsic time value of money?


To paraphrase Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, from his magnificent rousing speech at the Baird Academy auditorium; We should take a flame thrower to the avaricious parasitical financial sector……………