Do It To It

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Well, it’s dead quiet in here; perhaps everyone is frozen with fear about the oatmeal-cooking troll-beast on Wednesday. Who knows.

I’m having a not-too-bad day. I am completely short, and I’m up about 1% for the day (versus the market overall being down about 1/10th that amount). The Dow Jones Composite has pretty much utterly undone the entire October drop. It is simultaneously nauseating and exciting:


The Russell 2000, on the other hand, paints a clearer picture. It broke its largest trendline (the one from March 2009……….the big kahuna) tinted below in magenta, then it broken its triangle pattern (yellow tint) shortly thereafter. It, too, has bounced (obviously) but, God willing, Yellen’s press release on Wednesday will be a Sell The News kind of event that a lot of us could use.