Progress Toward the Hallowed Land

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My posts are going to be a bit odd over the next few days, as I am traveling (which explains the market’s weakness – – – you’re welcome). As I’ve said over and over again, I’m holding strong to my gazillion shorts until we get to about 22 on the VIX. I am utterly hung up on that number, since it allows me to hold on tight during the insane “up” days that we get from time to time. There are plenty of stocks right now which are very oversold, but frankly, what I’ve been regretting the most lately is covering shorts that looked oversold and went on to be really, really, really oversold. So I’ve been leaving lots of cash on the table, since some of these stocks have firm support at $0.00. I’m trying to show more testicular fortitude on my myriad other holdings. (Side note: many thanks to the folks that kicked over a donation for my hard work; I assure you, it is much appreciated).

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