Shorting the Box

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Although this will surely come as a shock to everyone, I am an anal-retentive, neurotic, hung-up, OCD-type who likes things really well-organized. This deep personality flaw compelled me to create Prophet (since I’m obsessed with data) and has driven me to the brink of insanity from 2009-2013, since the world Stopped Making Sense.

As I’m a neat freak, I figured my trip to The Container Store a few months ago would be a trip to mecca. Not so: because what outranks my obsession with order is cheapness thrift, and what I was confronted by was a huge store full of things that were easily double the price I thought they should have been. That, I suppose, is where their profits come from.

Thus, I was chagrined to see The Container Store’s stock (which I don’t normally follow) has not only been eroding away for months but also is plunging a double-digit percentage after hours tonight. I guess the world has caught on to what I did – – that humanity really doesn’t need The Container Store and their high prices. It’s too bad I didn’t just short what I thought was a dumb company. Sort of like how I’m not shorting GoPro right now, even though I think it’s going to be looked back on as the Polaroid stock of 2014 (translation: eventually collapse to $0).