The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

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These videos are not “news”, but they are quite interesting.

The first one, from early in 2009, shows Congressman Alan Grayson grilling Donald Kohn (of the Federal Reserve, in case it wasn’t screamingly obvious already) about where the $1.2 trillion of taxpayer money was sent (we all know the answer – Goldman Sachs – but it’s fun watching Kohn-head squirm anyway).

The more interesting video is below, in which the same Congressman Grayson queries the most evil-of-evil attorneys Scott Alvarez about whether the Fed manipulates the stock and futures markets (ha! ha ha!). I’m shocked to listen to Alvarez’s voice; I thought he would be a gritty, gruff, rough-and-tumble, go-to-hell kind of personality.

Instead, he sounds like an insecure hairdresser whose employment at a Castro Street styling salon is in question. Do all members of the Fed have these quivering voices, such as, famously, Ben Bernanke’s? In their tiny, blackened souls, do they know deep down they are evil liars, and what’s left of their conscience is tugging at their vocal cords? I’d say the answer is an irrefutable “yes.”