A Tale of Two Composites

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Hi, Slopers – – sorry I’ve been so quiet today. I had to get up super-early this morning to get one of my children to the airport. Frankly, I’d better get used to this new schedule, because starting next week, I get my own show on Tastytrade (that’s the good news) for which I have to be up at 4:30 every morning (that’s the not-so-good news). Anyway………

The Dow Jones Composite index fish/ichthus/Jesus pattern is still intact, although if tomorrow is anything like today, that could be over in a big hurry. For, for now, hope springs eternal in the bearish breast:


The bulls, however, own the NASDAQ lock, stock, and barrel (especially the stock). We are, at this point, a mere 5% beneath the lifetime high of the index, back in the insane Internet bubble days. It took only 15 years to recover, but here we are!