Watching WBC, ROK and JCI

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WBC is up 19.3% since we first highlighted it in our Feb 3 post!

Here is an updated shorter term chart projecting the rest of (5) of iii and then iv-v of 1 of the larger III.  The wave 2 of III could easily cut WBC in half from the 180-210 projection for v of 1.

WBC 021915 2hr white

ROK is also making good progress, up ~8.5% so far. It could see a micro wave “ii” of (iii) back toward the 112.5-110 region but it is not needed.

JCI, the “laggard” of the trio, is ONLY up ~8.4% so far, but has a nested (coiled) 1-2-i-ii-i setup within the start of the (iii) and is ALSO about to trigger a monthly BB squeeze.  It should “catch-up” and then some.

JCI 021915 2hr white ROK 021915 2hr white

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