Giving Crude Another Fib Shot

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Crude oil futures have rolled over into the next month (October 2016, symbol ‘V’), and since I was starting with a fresh chart, I thought I’d lay down some Fibonacci retracements. They aren’t bad, so let’s see if oil behaves itself vis a vis the resistance I’ve highlighted below.


A couple of other random things……….

First, I enjoy reading the top comments when the Slope Daily Digest comes out every day. I noticed the most popular comment was from Doji Girl, who was talking about enjoying the simple things in life. She mentioned taking up violin lessons. That is so cool! I’m in the process of re-teaching myself guitar, since my daughter has taken an interest in it. I’m actively getting the callouses back on my fingertips. Ouch.

Second, for you NetFlix viewers, there’s a new David Cross comedy show out now called Making America Great Again. I just finished watching it, and it’s very offensive and very funny. All you David Cross fans, go check it out!