Post Eighteen Thousand

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No, I’m not talking about the Dow. This is, in fact, the eighteen thousandth post on the WordPress platform for Slope of Hope. Incredibly, that doesn’t count the platforms Slope was on before. But Slope began its life on WordPress (having been in existence almost three years already) on February 27, 2008. And, boy, we didn’t know what was coming later that year, did we, boys and girls?

Would that the market were behaving in such a way as to inspire an easy, content-rich post analyzing its behavior. Sadly, this is not the case. It’s a testament to the Slope community that, in the face of that red-hot poker stick you see drawn below, we still have a thriving, dynamic blog on what is ostensibly (thanks to your insane host) a bearish blog. Can you possibly imagine this place during a downturn?


Since I pretty much said what I have say about the market in yesterday’s post, I guess I’ll bring you up to date on a few other aspects of my life (not that anyone is asking).

First off, the screenplay: I’ve finished the “treatment” for the second draft. As I’ve mentioned before, my 138 page first draft was cut to ribbons (and rightly so), and I embarked on a treatment from the ground up for the second draft, which will preserve maybe 60% of the original draft as well as adding a lot of new stuff. It was a very constructive exercise, and I’m going to start writing my second draft, oh, right about now.

Second, my app – – House Safari. I’ve decided the launch date (at long, long last) is going to be next Wednesday, the 7th of September. It just so happens that this is two years to the day that my friend and I first sat down for coffee and talked about this idea. It’s been a very long road, and the app is vastly improved based on some recent changes. I’m very excited, although I’m going to make this a “soft launch” (holding off on the press) so I can get a reaction from honest-to-God users before making a stink about my little product. You will certainly hear about it here when it’s finally out, ready to download.

Third, and finally, I wanted to make a couple of remarks about the process of learning. I’m sorry to say I don’t embrace learning as much as I should. I’m not sure if it’s laziness, inertia, or some other personality defect, but it takes a fair bit of nudging for me to bother learning something new.

Yesterday, however, gave me a lot of nudges. For example, I had a problem with an old Macintosh G4 PowerBook that required me opening it. You may not know this, but Apple has, for decades, made it nearly impossible for mere humans to screw around with the innards of their products. In spite of this, I plunged into it to deal with the noisy fan inside………..and I soon found myself with a computer that wouldn’t even turn on anymore and with a “D” key from the keyboard completely popped off, unable to be replaced.

My inclination was just to throw money at the money and buy a used G4, perhaps moving my hard drive to it. In other words, my attempt to fix a problem on my own yielded failure and a lot more expense than I would have had simply taking the machine in to a proper fix-it shop in the first place.

It was probably just thrift (cheapness) on my part, but I decided a couple of hours later to give it another go, and after some research on the web, I learned how to solve the problems I had created with my machine. “Bong!” went the familiar Macintosh startup sound, and I was good to go. Success!

In a similar vein, I was putting together some new videos for House Safari. I encountered a variety of frustrating issues, not the least of which was how to make vertical videos behave themselves property on YouTube, but again, after some diligent research, I learned how to fix the issues. Maybe this would have been effortless for a lot of people, but for me, I felt a certain sense of self-satisfaction that I had muscled my way through the issues.

Thus, Saturday was filled with a lot of successful opportunities to learn. It’s evident to me that a lot of the Slope community is a believer in sharing and learning (such as the comments ConvictScott left recently). I’m heartened to know that even though I have trouble pushing myself to learn sometimes, there are a lot of people here that don’t.