Addicted to Hitler Radio

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Recently, I found a favorite new thing to listen to in my car: Hitler Radio. I can’t get enough of it!

Now, don’t get excited. I haven’t let me hatred of Lloyd Blankfein, Janet Yellen, and Gary Cohn get the best of me. There is a very innocent explanation for all of this.

You see, a favorite comedian of mine, Norm MacDonald, has a new NetFlix special called Hitler’s Dog. I watched it and enjoyed it, and when I was driving around in my Tesla a few days ago, I shouted out to the voice recognition system, “Play Hitler’s Dog”. I didn’t expect there would be any audio available yet, but it was worth a shot. Instead, I got this………


Yep. The Tesla was suggesting the “artist” I listen to was none other than Hitler. (Well, he WAS an artist as a young man). Curious, I decided to play it, and sure enough, it started in……..


However, the vast majority of what it plays on this customer-made station (Adolf Hitler Radio – see above) are recordings of speeches from the likes of FDR, Churchill, and Harry Truman.

I’ve never really listened to old speeches before, but by God, they are fascinating. It’s like being whisked back in time and listening to history as it was actually happening.

One speech I stumbled upon that I particularly liked is the Harry Truman farewell speech. This may sound like a bore, but I encourage you to listen to it. It’s amazing how many cross-currents of history were swirling around Truman, and how visionary he was to predict the end of Communism decades before it took place.

So in case any of you are wondering what I’m doing, you can safely assume I’m driving down the road, enjoying………Hitler Radio.