Silky SlopeCharts

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Good morning, everyone. These three-day weekends always mess me up, because I’m going to spend all day thinking today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, and so forth. It’s kind of like jet lag, except on a daily basis.

In any case, I’m excited about the trading day. I’ve got 48 short positions, and many dozens more I plan to enter. Crude oil is especially encouraging………..


A few of you wrote me over the weekend to mention a tiny, obscure, completely unimportant bug in SlopeCharts which was that the price bars were invisible (ahem). This was affecting some new users, and we managed to track down and zap the bug on Memorial Day, so it’s all better now.

I say this because I know from experience if one person writes about a problem, there are 50 others who didn’t bother. Thus, for those of you who experienced trouble with the charts, please give ’em another try, because the super-deluxe feature of the price bars actually showing up is now functioning. (Although I confess I was considering making it a PLUS-only membership privilege).