Technical Indicators in SlopeCharts

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When SlopeCharts first came out a couple of weeks ago, I said it was very much a version 0.1 product (even though, in some respects, it’s already the best charting product on the web). I’d say we’ve moved up to version 0.2 by now with the introduction of our first technical indicators, which are accessed with this button:


Clicking that brings up the dialog box shown below. We will be building out this dialog box with other studies, but to be very clear, I have never had much interest in the hundreds of gee-jaws and doo-dads that can be added to a chart, so there is going to be a de minimis amount. However, this is a start, as you can have three moving averages of either Simple or Exponential type in any color and unit base that you like.


Apply this dialog box and, voila, the averages appear. There’s plenty more to come, but I thought you’d want to hear about this progress.