A Moment of Thanks

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During Slope’s nearly thirteen year history, dozens of people have contributed posts to the site. Although I’ve written most of the 20,000+ posts here, the contributions from others besides me has brought tremendous benefit, including:

  • Providing diverse thought and opinion – so that not every post is about shorting every financial instrument that has a ticker symbol;
  • Allowing me to focus on other activities, such as SlopeCharts development
  • Occasionally allowing me to have some semblance of a life outside Slope

Five folks in particular have been especially generous:

BDI – 132 posts
Strawberry Blonde – 574 posts
NFTRH – 520 posts
Ryan from Shareplanner – 678 posts
Springheel Jack – 1760 posts

I just wanted to take a moment and once again state how grateful I am for all the contributors, and most especially the quintet above. You have helped me keep some of my sanity intact, and you have made Slope a richer place through your writing.