Big Mac Attack

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This post has nothing actionable. There’s nothing you can do about it. Or me, for that matter. It’s just me bitching. But maybe there’s a lesson in here.

One of my short positions was (note the past tense) Macerich, symbol MAC. I was puzzled this morning to see I was stopped out, because on my spreadsheet, it showed a nice, healthy profit. But I had a sneaking suspicion what I was going to find out. And, sure enough, here’s the intraday chart:


See that circle? Yep, that’s me getting stopped out. And then, instantly, plunge-a-roony.

This happens every few months, and it pisses the hell out of me every single time. I’m not going to trade without stops. And I’m not going to re-establish dozens of stops every single morning after the open. But, Jesus Christ, man, I hate when this happens, and I’ve never understood why. Because MAC was, and is, a good short, and I’m out of it with a loss.