Hedgers Lose Hope

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I’ve been reading ZeroHedge regularly since it launched in early 2009 (ironic timing, wouldn’t you say?), and although the comments section there tends to be rougher than a skid row neighborhood, it’s interesting to glance at it to see how the ZH zeitgeist is holding up.

It seems that even the world-is-going-to-end crowd at ZH has finally given up. There was a time not long ago when articles like this one which appeared today would have attracted applause and agreement. But witness the reactions now:

comment1 comment-2 comment-3

………and, surely the darkest of them all, with respect to Graham, the article’s author:


I mean, charts like this ARE really silly to cast about:

But I find it quite intriguing that the prepper loonies over at ZH have resorted to throwing tomatoes at anyone who’s still fool enough to be an equity bear.

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