He’s Just Asking For It

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Well, our fearless leader was at it again this morning:


Ummm…….actually, I think the news, both fake and real, have done a crackerjack job of reporting the stock market, thank you very much. The notion that this ridiculous bull market is some kind of secret is a load of crap. But you’re probably accustomed to that in the present political environment.

In any event, this kind of hubris is just incredible since it hasn’t been answered yet. It’s sort of like Moses standing on top of a mountain, both middle fingers thrust toward the heavens, screaming, “Hey, God! Go fuck yourself!” And then nothing happening to the man. It just doesn’t make sense.

If this kind of preposterous and unwarranted braggadocio continues, we should all accept that the lessons taught to humanity, from the ancient Greeks on forward, are now rendered moot. Because, if anything in this world makes sense anymore, Trump is just about due for an incredible and astonishing humiliation in spades. Times ten.

I offer to you this updated chart of the Dow Industrials with its Fibonacci target.


This shows are 99.67% of the way there. The target is just a cat’s whisker away.


C’mon, heavenly father. You’re really letting the rest of us down with all this passivity.