Only One Direction Will Work

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All through the weekend, the news was filled with folks trying to interpret Trump’s mysterious remark about how “only one thing will work” when dealing with North Korea (and it isn’t diplomacy). It seems the only logical interpretation would be “attack them”…..


So are equities in a free-fall? Surely you jest! As of this moment, the ES and NQ are both green, with the NQ in particular up double digits to highs never before seen in history.


On a different topic – – we made some changes to the SlopeCharts database this weekend which might affect some of your drawn objects, like trendlines. You may find in some cases the positions of the “anchors” has changed slightly. If this is the case, just adjust it a bit to “anchor” to the price bar you want, and that change will be permanent. To be clear, these are very small changes, but if you’re a perfectionist like me, you might want to tidy them up when you see them.