Take a Shortcut!

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I’m happy to tell you about another time-saving feature in SlopeCharts – – custom keyboard shortcuts.

When I use SlopeCharts (which is daily), I found that I was moving symbols from watch list to watch list constantly. This can be a very time-consuming process, quite tedious, and involving a lot of mouse clicking. So I arranged that we enhance the product so that with a single button, you can perform move and copy operations between watch lists.

To get there, just choose Preferences:


You can click on a new tab called Shortcuts, which lets you program up to five keyboard shortcuts. Using it is very simple, because it’s just like composing a sentence: in the first column, you choose an Action (either Move or Copy), then the watch list from which to move a symbol, and then the watch list into which the symbol should be moved. You finally assign a key (either a function key or a Ctrl-operation) to bring about this action.


For instance, one of the most common things I did is moved a selected symbol from my “Core” watch list to my “Bear Pen” watch list. If I wanted to be able to do this with the F1 key, I would just set it up as follows:


So the old way of doing things would involve:

(1) Me right-clicking the appropriate symbol on the source watch list

(2) Waiting for the dialog box to drop down from the top of the screen showing me the different destination choices

(3) Choosing the appropriate destination list.

With this new method, I just press F1, and it’s done instantly.