Glory Glory Calley-Yoo-Ya

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In my Tesla, I can play any song in the world just by saying “Play {whatever}“. After it plays the song, it’ll continue on with similar songs. So if I ask for a certain Broadway hit, then it’ll keep playing Broadway stuff forever.

For some reason, when I was listening to whatever songs it was picking, it started playing this totally bizarre piece called the Battle Hymn for Lt. Calley. I don’t know a tremendous amount about the Vietnam War, but I certainly hope you’ve heard of Lt. William Calley who was court martialed for murdering 22 Vietnam civilians (mostly women and children). His name became synonymous with evil, and years after the incident he finally expressed deep remorse.

Anyway, for some reason, someone thought very highly of the Lieutenant and made this song praising him. It would like me writing “Hats Off to John Wayne Gacy”. Anyway, believe it or not, here it is:

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